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Why Monkey Bucks?

Our policy has always been that we can only support our own work, our own code. But our customers always customize our products, and sometimes need help when the changes they need to make or the plugins they need to have running aren't working right. That's why we came up with 'Monkey Bucks'. Monkey Bucks is like a points system that allows us to help our customers no matter what problem they are facing, without having to go through all the bureaucracy of a full blown project. Now, our customers can get limitless, expert support for either problems or customizations. Need a sidebar added or removed from your skin? Whatever you need is just a few Monkey Bucks away!

How It Works

It's easy: you tell us what you need done, and we provide a quote in Monkey Bucks and a timeframe. If you then give the 'thumbs up', we schedule the work for the near future or do it on the spot, and deduct the points when the job is done to your satisfaction. The number of Monkey Bucks in your account will always be displayed beneath your name in your posts for easy reference.

One Example

Our customer, John Doe, requests that a sidebar be added to the Fathom template; he also would like the navigation moved just below the logo, the breadcrumbs placed below the navigation, and the login form/welcome panel moved to the new sidebar. We then convert his request into "work items". This is what we see:

  • the navigation and breadcrumbs are just being moved, not modified.
  • the sidebar requires custom xHTML/CSS and browser testing and one category heading (for the login form)
  • the login form and welcome panel will need minor code alterations to match the new vertical format (the sidebar).

We see the work will not be difficult and should not take more than hour. We provide John Doe with a quote of 30 Monkey Bucks for the customization and if he approves, we get his information, perform the work, and deduct the appropriate Bucks.

Our price: $19.99 (17.39)

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